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This is my first post here! I am looking to enter a bicycle race in the Como area of Italy this July and I am having difficulties with the registration form (which I have attached). I am guessing that the terms I am having troubles with are specific to conducting races and don't easily translate literally (such as "bib number" in English). So I was hoping someone could be so generous to help me decipher these registration pieces.

I've translated the majority of text, but could use some help with the following terms:

  • "Codice"
  • "N. Tessera"
  • "Pins" (for which I pay 5 euros, and I'm guessing for that price that they don't mean the safety pins which hold on a race number)
Don't forget this is a language forum: we can help you translate some parts of it, not tell you how to enter a race.


  • Iscrizione-singolo-atleta.rtf
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    This is a special case to welcome you, moderator's right anyway...

    the rules book on the race website, relating to "Numero tessera" say that, to be eligible to the race, you have to provide the association membership card or in substitution a medical attitudinal certificate (certificato medico attitudinale) and not to are more than 65 year old (of course you aren't). You have also to bring with you an ID card during the race.

    The "codice chip" is referring to a chip used to be classified. If you don't have an old chip you can get one at "punto winning time" when you receive your personal number. You have to give 10€ as guarantee (you'll get them back at the end of the race) and the chip will cost 3€.

    About the "pins" sorry I can't be able to find anything.

    Hope this can help!

    Bye and good race!