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Hello again,

Another word that's been stumping me is "codificare". Here are some examples:

"codificare modelli di intervento"
"codificare buone pratiche in materia di integrazione"

So far I have simply used the WR definition "to codify", but perhaps there's a sfumatura I'm not grasping at this late hour. Normally I would use "codify" only when talking about laws and such, and these examples are definitely not talking about proposing legislative intervention or change.

Thanks again!
  • Serabianca

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    Australia, English
    The text does not appear to be using it as a synonym for "systematise", but your explanation seems spot on. I'll try "standardise" since clearly "codify" is not right! Thank you again.


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    I'm translating a similar sentence: "tale teoria, che aveva la sua origine in X, fu successivamente codificata da Y". (X and Y are two philosophers).

    My attempt: "This theory, whose origins may be traced back in X, was later systematize by Y".

    Should I use "systematize" or "standardize" here?

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