Coeficiente de Endeudamiento = Pasivo Total/ Patrimonio Neto

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    Dear all
    I look for a translation for the following debt ratio:
    · Coeficiente de Endeudamiento General = Pasivo Total / Patrimonio Neto < 1
    I would translate it as follows:
    · General Debt Ratio = Total Liabilities / Shareholder’s Funds < 1
    Unfortunately above ratio (the English version) does not make much sense from a financial point of view, hence we assume that maybe the following is meant:
    · Total Liabilities / Total Assets (which I would translate as: Pasivo Total / Activo Total) < 1
    · Total borrowing / Shareholder’s Funds (which I would translate as: Todos los préstamos y créditos / Patrimonio Neto) < 1
    Please note that I’m based in the UK and our accounts follow UK accounting law and terminology. The countries we need it for are Argentina and Paraguay.
    Any assistance would be highly appreciated.
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  3. dietrichard New Member

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    Gracias JuanPa_2662, esto ayuda mucho.

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