coeficiente de utilización


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Hi, would utilization coefficient be correct? I somehow found the translation as being utilization ratiobut as far as I know coefficients are different to ratios, aren't they?

Anyways, here's a sample phrase where it appears
el grado de monopolio tiene una función positiva con el coeficiente de utilización
the text is about economic growth and income distribution

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance =)

  • A coefficient may be a ratio, but not always or necessarily.
    ”utilization coefficient” , in general, has a specific meaning with respect to lighting and light dispersion.

    Here it is, phrased a bit differently, (reasonably assuming that “utilization” refers to use of the product subject to monopoly).

    “The severity of the monopoly has a positive relationship with the degree of use (of the product)“. (This is an obvious observation: the fewer the number of providers, the greater the product use with respect to any one provider).