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  1. sloopjc Senior Member

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    Is this a real idiom, like toffee-nosed or just something invented by Monty Python, the television comedy series from the 1970's? Does it suggest anything plausible or not?

    The reference can be found here:
  2. Old Novice

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    I've never heard it in AE, and if it isn't BE, either ... :thumbsdown:

    My best guess is that, given the show, it is simply deliberately silly. There is a remote possibility that they were trying for a play on "brown-nose", but that doesn't seem to fit the context.

    But maybe someone else has a more creative interpretation than I can come up with. :)
  3. Matching Mole

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    Beware mis-transcriptions on random web sites! In the sketch the Graham Chapman says "toffee-nosed". The site you quote is simply wrong.
  4. Old Novice

    Old Novice Senior Member

    USA, English
    Thanks. That wipes out the second possibility (absent brown toffee, I suppose :D ), but I don't know that expression either. :) So unless it's BE, we're back where we started.
  5. sloopjc Senior Member

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    Thank you MM! I wasn't sure, because coffee-nosed has proliferated across the Internet more than 1600 times in reference to the Monty Python sketch that as you correctly mention, uses the idiom, "toffee-nosed".

    quote: "Shut your festering gob, you tit! Your type really makes me puke, you vacuous, toffee-nosed, malodorous, pervert!"

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