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  1. AndrasBP

    AndrasBP Senior Member

    Budapest, Hungary
    In Hungarian, a coffee table (low table usually in front of a sofa) is called a "smoking table" (dohányzóasztal), even though it's becoming uncommon to smoke in a living room.

    In Russian it's a "magazine table" (журнальный стол (zhurnal'nyj stol)).

    What about your language?
  2. DearPrudence

    DearPrudence Dépêche Mod (AL mod)

    French (lower Normandy)
    In French:
    "une table basse" (literally: a low table)
  3. Mori.cze

    Mori.cze Senior Member

    In Czech it is called "konferenční stolek", "conference table". And yes, it sounds silly, as the Czech word konference is probably even less frequent than its English counterpart, conference. I absolutely cannot imagine having a conference in a living room.
  4. apmoy70

    apmoy70 Senior Member

    In Greek it's «τραπεζάκι σαλονιού» [tra.peˈ sa.lɔˈɲu] --> small-table of living room.

    -MoGr neuter diminutive «τραπεζάκι» [tra.peˈ] --> small table < Katharevousa Greek neut. «τραπέζιον» [traˈpe.zi.ɔn] --> table < Classical fem. «τράπεζα» trắpĕză + neuter diminutive prefix «-άκι» [-ˈ] < Classical neuter diminutive suffix «-άκιον» -ắkiŏn (it started its career as diminutive suffix for 3rd declension ancient nouns e.g. «χάραξ» kʰắrak͜s (masc. nom. sing.) --> pointed stake, vine-prop, fortifying pale, stockade, palisade > «χαράκιον» kʰărắkiŏn (neut. nom. sing.) --> stake > MoGr neut. «χαράκι» [xaˈɾ] (idem), «αὖλαξ» aû̯lak͜s (fem. nom. sing.) --> furrow > «αὐλάκιον» au̯lắkiŏn (neut. nom. sing.) --> irrigation ditch > MoGr neut. «αυλάκι» [avˈ] (idem) and it later became THE prevalent and most productive diminutive suffix in MoGr).

    -MoGr neut. «σαλόνι» [saˈlɔ.ni] --> living room, lounge < It. salone.
  5. alfaalfa

    alfaalfa Senior Member

    in Italian
    tavolino (basso) small table (low) da salotto/soggiorno/caffè.
    Living room/coffee small table
  6. Ghabi

    Ghabi AL/OL/Ar/Zh mod

    Hong Kong
    Cantonese: caa4gei1 茶几 "tea table"
  7. AndrasBP

    AndrasBP Senior Member

    Budapest, Hungary
    Thank you for your replies.

    I wonder if there are any other languages apart from Hungarian that associate this type of table with smoking.

    Czechs seem to take their living rooms very seriously.:D

    Yes, what else? After all, the English word "tea" comes from South China, too.
  8. MiguelitOOO

    MiguelitOOO Senior Member

    Español - México
    Mexican Spanish: mesa de centro / mesita de centro (center table).
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  9. elroy

    elroy Imperfect Mod

    Chicago, IL
    US English/Palestinian Arabic bilingual
    In German it's "Couchtisch" ("couch table").
  10. eno2

    eno2 Senior Member

    El Hierro de Canarias
    Exactly the same as in Dutch: Salontafeltje Salon=σαλóνι τραπεζάκι= tafeltje= small table

    It's true that Pons has Couchtisch for coffee table.. and doesn't have Salontisch:eek:

    I would have kept to salon Dutch- salon French- salon English -salon Greek - Salon German
  11. Armas Senior Member

    Finnish: sohvapöytä "sofa table" and olohuoneen pöytä "table of living room"

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