cohérence et un marriage entre papier et l'estampe!


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I am having a few difficulties with the following sentence:

On aura compris combien est cohérent le mariage rituellement célébré dans ce Salon de ces deux enfants du papier que sont le livre et l'estampe.

1. the word cohérent in this context, could it mean completeness rather than coherence or consistent?
2. the figurative language used here is odd to me, I don't think it would carry well if I translated this literally into English, in fact it barely makes sense in French to me yet i don't want to lose its expressive or poetic qualities. My best shot is this:

Ritually celebrated at this exhibition and both created on the medium of paper, the union between the book and the fine print is a coherent one.

I thought about using compelling instead of coherent or logical but I think this would change the meaning. I have lost the figurative aspect too. Does anyone have any better ideas?

Many thanks, this sentence is really troubling me!!:confused:
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