1. Cànain New Member

    English - UK
    I'm translating a description of an ornate candlestick and I'm not sure of the meaning of "coiffure" in this phrase:
    "Les arêtes portent en applique des masques féminins à aigrette et coiffure nouée."
    Does coiffure mean headdress or hairstyle in this context?
    My attempt at the first part so far is:
    "Attached to the ridges are plumed female masks..."
    Any suggestions gratefully received! This is my first post, but I've looked at the site before and found it incredibly helpful, so thank you.
  2. Perco Senior Member

    English - England
    ...female masks sporting elaborate plumed coiffures ...?
  3. Cànain New Member

    English - UK
    Elegant - I like sporting! Thank you.

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