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In a touchscreen application for a weighbridge, one has to choose the type of truck/lorry or the sequence. The choices are bulk/coil collection, waste out and some other. Does anyone has any idea on this? Thank you in advance!
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    Could you confirm that it is "coil collection".

    Some types of truck carry oil (for example, oil tankers in British English).

    The only other connection between "coil" and trucks is the kind heavy flat-bed trucks that carry "coils" of heavy steel from the steelworks to factories (such as car body manufacturers?). Instead of individual sheets of steel of shorter length, long lengths of steel sheeting are rolled up into coils for ease of handling and transport. But I have no idea why it would be "coil collection".

    Some types of trucks carry other bulk fluids (milk, vegetable oil, etc) or granular solids (coal, grain, sugar, etc).

    What do you mean by "or the sequence"?

    Also could you give more context for using the phrase "waste out"?


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    Hi! Thank you for your answer. It is a user interface for a weighbridge where drivers have to choose what type of load they are carrying or what type of truck they have and waste out is one type. The others are coil/bulk collection, sequence, raw material delivery, scrap sales. I don't have any context. I know only that it is a weighbridge and I think that it must be connected to a steelworks. I think, but I an not sure.
    I only received information that a coil truck is type of truck, but it is related to well drilling and coiled tubings, so it wouldn't fit in there. I think that collection is used in the sense of collected bulk material and coil as coiled metal or metal in coils, as was also your suggestion. Thank you again.
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