coin of exchange

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Alex Coseff

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please, does the collocation coin of exchange in the paragraph below refer to the situation when the lady both enjoys providing others with information and gossip and is keen to get some information from others in return?
Many thanks:)

G.M.Malliet: Wicked autumn
"She was essentially an observer, a village spy whose coin of exchange was information."
  • perpend

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    Yes. I understand it exactly as you have described it.

    There's something called a "gossipmonger*", as well, but that's not really your question.



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    :) Well, bells are good for the New Year! (A happy one, Alex!)

    The writing in your text is very clever, so as you stated, it's about the nature of gossip that is of essence.

    You give a little and you get a little, if you see what I's the "gossip/info exchange".

    That actually makes the world go 'round. Just pick up a tabloid. :D
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