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    Buenas tardes a todos,

    En un texto acerca del mecanismo de dispositivos para espirales endovasculares aparece la palabra "coin". ¿Cómo puedo traducir esta palabra?

    All actuations were successful, as judged by post-actuation coil and coin (inside the pusher positions)
    The distal release wire force was insignificant compared to the force to jam coin.

    Todas las activaciones fueron exitosas, según pudo evaluarse en la espiral y _____ (dentro de las posiciones del empujador)
    El esfuerzo de liberación distal del hilo fue mínimo en comparación con el esfuerzo al forzar _________.

    Gracias anticipadas por su ayuda.
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    "Coils that are too small will usually deploy as a helix (coin-stacking) rather than in a complex pattern." This is the only reference I can find for coin in the endovascular coil literature, on a quick search. I believe it may be a unique feature of the device whose literature you are translating. Is there any schematic drawing that shows its parts? Otherwise I don't know what to suggest.
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    Thank you, LVRBC

    Unfortunately, the schematic drawings do not show "coin" as one of their parts. This word appears only in different parts of texts, but without much information about it. Apparently, there is no translation into Spanish for this specific use; at least I have not found anything yet in any of the dictionaries.
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    Hi again,

    I have just found another example: Coin/Crimped sleeve tensile
    This is listed within product specifications, but unfortunately it is only a title and I cannot provide more information. This may relate to the detachment of endovascular coils.

    Coin/Crimped sleeve tensile
    Resistencia en la tensión del manguito por ondulación/"coin"

    Do you have any idea if this might refer to a metal disc or something similar caused by crimping a wire of an endovascular coil?

    Will appreciate your help.
    Thanks in advance!
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