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Greetings! This construction is pretty common in English, and I just wanted to make sure I had the German form down. Let's say you were telling a friend how you went camping last weekend, and they asked you how cold it was. One possible answer is "Colder that I would have liked," meaning not freezing, but you were hoping for warmer temperatures.

I think the German variation would be "kälter als ich gewünscht hätte" with the option of throwing in a dative bit "kälter als ich es mir gewünscht hätte." First of all, would those forms be OK? And which would be preferred, with or without the dative option?

Thanks for taking a look!
  • Kajjo

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    :tick: (Es war) kälter als ich gewünscht hätte.
    :tick: (Es war) kälter als ich es mir gewünscht hätte.

    Both versions are correct. The second one is a lot more common and idiomatic in everyday usage.

    Very short and idiomatic is also:

    Kälter als erhofft.
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