colegio de cura


UK, English
I'm guessing this means a place where priests are trained in Spanish-speaking countries. Any ideas on how we could put 'colegio de cura' in English??
  • I think you talking about a "Seminario" and I believe the English word for it is "Seminary" :D .... If I am wrong just let me know!
    Colegio de curas, es un colegio que pertenece a los curas, generalmente los maestros y profesores son también curas, aunque hay algunos con profesores y maestros laicos.
    Ah, so it looks like it's a place where the priests do the teaching, not the learning. That's interesting - thanks so much :)
    In Spain "colegio de curas" is generally a school owned by the Catholic Church (they also say "colegio de monjas" if it is managed by nuns). You can say "religious school", and it doesn't mean it is a seminar, it is a school for children.
    Yes, living in England we frequently talk about 'catholic schools' or Church of England Schools' etc, so I think we have reached the best equivalent.