1. clara2102 Member

    Hola a todos. Me gustaria saber si existe algun termino para expresar "colegio privado" en ingles.
    Muchas gracias a todos. 1 Saludo
  2. Burgense Senior Member

    Castellano de España
    Private school/independent school
  3. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    In the US, it is private school, as opposed to public school.
  4. platypuck

    platypuck Senior Member

    Zamora, Spain
    Spain Spanish
    Funny enough, in England a public school is what we'd consider "colegio privado" and a private school is what we traditionally understand as a "colegio público".
    Ain't that a lark, old chap?
  5. gengo

    gengo Senior Member

    The difference reflects the history of each country. In England many years ago, when education was very limited, they opened schools to anyone who could afford the tuition, so that even commoners could send their children to school if they had the money. Therefore, the concept was that such schools were "public." In the US, which is a much younger country, education had already become more widespread by the time of independence, so schools were funded by the government, and those schools were called "public" because they admitted all children for no charge. Private schools are not open to everyone, and can admit only the students they choose to admit.

    A "private school" in North America is called a "public school" in England, while a North American public school is called "state school" in England, as far as I know.
  6. platypuck

    platypuck Senior Member

    Zamora, Spain
    Spain Spanish
    Precisely. That was much clearer than I had stated. Thanks a bunch.

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