Hi everyone,
I changed my facebook profile so that it is in Spanish & I can practice more ;) & I was wondering what the difference is between Colegio and Universidad. When you add a new friend onto facebook you can put how you know that person and I want to say that this girl goes to the same college as me and I met her there (I am an undergraduate student at my state university). The question asks "cuando fueron juntos a la esquela por primera vez?" And there is an option between colegio, universidad, preparatoria...and so on.
So what is the difference between colegio and universidad?
  • It depends on the country. For instance, in Ecuador education is like this:

    *Escuela (la primaria): from 6 to 11 years old. --> This would be elementary school.

    *Colegio (la secundaria): from 12 to 17 years old. ---> This would be junior high & high school together.

    * Universidad: after 17 years old. ---> This would be college or university.

    These are the words that, according to my experience, vary their meaning depending on the country: escuela, colegio, instituto, preparatoria.
    My 2 cents from Venezuela:

    Escuela = Colegio : Elementary school, grades 1-6

    Liceo = High school, grades 7-12

    Universidad = undergraduate and post-graduate degrees.