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Hi, I have been trying to elicit some help over in the vocabulary forum but so far without success.
When we search for 'collège in the dico, the first translation offered is 'high school' although 'middle school' and 'junior high school' appear below. I don't really think that 'high school' is an accurate translation of 'collège' as it refers either to the whole of secondary school (11 - 18) or 'lycée'. I am trying to get my students to use WR and to develop critical skills when they translate. It feels counterintuitive to find a term that may be used, but in a limited context, as one of the two primary suggestions. Could 'high school' be removed from line 1, or more context given to make it clear. My students think in terms of their schooling and often want / need to refer to 'collège' and 'lycée' and I would like them to learn to distinguish between them in English. They are generally reluctant to use the blanket 'secondary school' which of course is also acceptable. I am referring specifically to British English. Thank you.
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