collégial (sens de camaraderie)

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    Hello danielc,

    Can you suggest a specific context--and perhaps a sentence?

    When you say the French meaning of collégial isn't the same, I don't see a difference with the English meaning, as described by Merriam-Webster.


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    To me FR "collégial" is another way of saying "collective"

    "C'est une décision collégiale" = "c'est une décision collective" (par un conseil, un groupe de personnes, etc.).

    It doesn't have the third sense given by Merriam-Webster (camaraderie)


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    Prenons un exemple tiré d'un dictionnaire :
    1. Full of or conducive to good will among colleagues; friendly and respectful: an office with a collegial atmosphere. (freedic)
    Ou encore : a forum with a collegial atmosphere. ;)

    danielc a raison : collégial serait un faux-ami pour traduire cette acception de collegial. Il faudrait plutôt dire : une atmosphère conviviale.