collect the sheep into the cru for clipping


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He hadn’t been sure he’d know the place, but now, approaching it even in this strange light, it was familiar. He’d spent much of his youth up here, working with his uncle, his father’s elder brother, who had run the croft. Magnus had helped count the hill sheep, collect them into the cru for clipping and bring them down the hill ready for slaughter.
Source: Raven Black by Ann Cleeves
Place: Ravenswick, Shetland, Scotland

What does cru mean? short for croft? some Shetland dialect?

Thank you.

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    On a website about sheep and wool called Wovember, I found the following reference: (The word roo, which means to remove wool from a sheep without shearing it, is what they are discussing, but your question is answered incidentally also.)
    "The postcard below shows sheep being roo’d on Shetland. An account of sheep rooing is given in Joan Grigsby’s fantastic 1930s tome, ‘An Island Rooing’. The cru to which the text refers is a sheep pen."
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