collecte d'information

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  1. caroline22 Senior Member

    france french

    Can I translate 'collecte d'information' by 'information gathering'?

    Thanks for your help!:)
  2. bloomiegirl

    bloomiegirl Senior Member

    New York
    US English
    Why not? There's no context to say otherwise.:rolleyes:
  3. kme

    kme Senior Member

    wouldn't you use "collection of information" more often???
  4. lady_luck Senior Member

    Kolkata, India
    India English/ French
    I agree with kme
  5. seadew Senior Member

    English, USA
    We're translating blind without a context. Information could be data too.
  6. caroline22 Senior Member

    france french
    Thanks!Yes sorry,I didn't add the context. Well, I'm talking about 'la collecte d'informations' concerning the customers' data on the Internet. I don't know if it is enought clear?Thanks a lot.
  7. melu85 Senior Member

    I'll suggest "data collection"
  8. caroline22 Senior Member

    france french
    thank you melu85!

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