collectible cornor

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Collectible Cornor display cabinet

It's a brand of a display cabinet.
I wonder what the meaning of "collective cornor" is if any.
Or it might be randomly selected for the brand name?

Thank you for your help. :)
  • nnyy

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    What makes you think that we are dealing with a brand name? What is the brand name: "Cornor" or "Collectible Cornor"? Are you sure it's not "corner"?
    Sure, my bad.
    It is "Collectible Corner."
    And still I can get the meaning of it.
    What does "Collectible Corner" mean, if any?


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    U.S. English
    The word "collectible" is used as a noun meaning objects that people collect. They may be statues, figurines, paperweights, dolls, etc. So this is a cabinet for your collectibles.

    sound shift

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    English - England
    I suspect it's "Collectible corner display cabinet": no brand name; simply a display cabinet that fits in a corner and is (allegedly) attractive to a collector (i.e. this is an attempt to sell the cabinet). "Collectible", "corner" and "display" all modify the noun "cabinet"; this is not about a "collectible corner". You say you think there is a brand name here, but you don't say why you think that.

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