Collecting and Collectivity


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Me gustaría saber cuál puede ser una buena traducción de estas dos palabras, adjunto el texto de arte del que las saqué,

no se si dependiendo de la oración pueden adoptar diferentes traducciones : coleccionar/coleccionando
y colectividad/ colectivismo/ colectividad? son todas válidas o alguna es la apropiada?

"Collecting and Collectivity forces a confrontation between two seemingly distinct and opposing acts. The logic of the first word—collecting—is rooted in the rhetoric of capitalist economics and the free-market system. People choose to amass objects from a vast array of circulating and, on occasion, noncirculating commodities

The logic of the second word—collectivity—is rooted in community and is not necessarily associated with the art market. By the twentieth century , collectivity was linked strongly to socialist and Communist states. In the most literal sense of the word, the creation of collectivity also marks the redistribution of wealth"
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