Collecting stamps and fishing <is> my hobby.

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    Hi everyone! I have two questions:

    1. I was taught that if the subject of a sentence is two nouns connected by "and" and indicate the same thing, person or idea, we will use singular verb for that sentence (Ex: Butter and bread is my favourite food).
    So is that ok if I write: Collecting stamps and fishing is my hobbie.

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    Thank you in advance :) !

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    Your two nouns must be thought of as unit: bread and butter, ham and eggs, salt and pepper, etc.

    It works in your "bread and butter" sentence (barely), but "collecting stamps and fishing" are two totally different things and would need a plural verb.
  3. RaymondQQB Member

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    I think your idea of " 2 nouns connected by and & indicate the same thing " refers to compound nouns. It is true that a singular verb would be used for a SINGULAR compound noun.

    No, collecting stamps and fishing are two distinct activities, so they do not constitute a compound noun. The correct sentence should be : Collecting stamps and fishing are my hobbies.

    Whether an expression of "A and B" is a compound noun or not depends on the context. For example, the expression "Fish and chips" usually refers to a famous dish from the UK, so you can say : Fish and chips IS my favourite dish. BUT, if you are actually trying to say FISH & CHIPS (probably potato chips? ) separately, then you will say : Fish and chips ARE my favourites. (Note : fish is uncountable when it means food )
    The same goes for bread and butter. Unless you are really trying to say bread and butter as food SEPARATELY, we would say : The bread and butter of local drug dealers IS Selling cheap drugs to ignorant rich people

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    Thank you sooo much :D
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    I think just one "o" is enough in "so" to express your feelings of gratitude. :)

    Yes, you need "are" and "hobbies" in your sentence.

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