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Hi all,

I am trying to find the best translation of collective agreement matters in this context:

Members may not use the plan against a plan sponsor (any organization through which you received L.P.I. LawNETTM), L.P.I., or for collective agreement matters.
Here is my suggestion:

Les membres ne peuvent utiliser le régime contre un promoteur du régime (n'importe quelle organisation qui vous a fourni LoiNETTM de P.J.I.), P.J.I., ou pour des questions de la convention collective.

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  • Dereckson

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    Good evening,

    The expression convention collectiveis generally used in a labour law context: it's a kind of contract, generally enforced by law, between the "le patronnat et les syndicats" (the organizations representing companies and the trade unions).

    You can translate litteraly by règlement collectif, it means solve the issue in one operation.
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