Collective Bargaining penetration level


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I am working on a very difficult document and I would like your suggestions concerning the translation of Collective Bargaining penetration level in this context.

Here is the context:

Upon receipt of written confirmation of agreement, L.P.I. will immediately enroll all union Local member families in our entry-level L.P.I. LawNET-Lite Plan, free-of-charge. Once a Local union has achieved a pre-agreed Collective Bargaining penetration level for L.P.I. LawNET™ Plan, L.P.I. will up-grade all remaining Local union member families to the L.P.I. LawNET™ Plan, again free-of-charge. Please Click Here to see our Plan Comparison Chart and Collective Bargaining Special Pricing Chart so you will see the cost saving advantage of acting now.

a atteint un niveau pré-convenu d’introduction dans les négociations collectives du régime LoiNet ™ de P.J.I, .....

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    once a pre-determind number of members of the local union branch have agreed to collective bargaining ...
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