collective crimes


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Il s'agit d'un logo sur un dossier de police.

Collective crimes VS months

On parle de vols de voitures qui augmentent d'années en années. Le graphique montre une courbe qui monte de façon exponentielle.

Collective crimes, ce serait les "crimes organisés" ? Ceux faits pas des bandes de malfrats?
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    The term collective crimes, as I know it, is normally used for mass crimes such as genocide, war crimes, and other large-scale crimes against humanity — where there are many perpetrators and many victims. It's obviously not that in your case, hirondelle, so I guess it has a specific meaning for the police force or the authority in question ...

    ... or (and this is a wild guess), since you have an exponential curve plotted against time, could the word "collective" be a misnomer for "cumulative" (so that it refers to the statistics, rather than to the type of crime)?

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