collective / cyclic (helicopter)

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It's been 20 minutes I'm searching Google for the French name of helicopter's commands but without any success...
Help, please, someone ?
The sentence:

"he was nestled in the pilot’s seat of the MH-60’s snug cockpit, and then he reached for the collective and the cyclic while the crew behind him readied for the taking off."
Thank you very much...
  • Kelly B

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    These are the flight control levers, analogous to the stick in an airplane. There are a number of suggested translations at - it's a Canadian resource and I'm not sure of the best choices in French for France.

    levier de pas n. m.
    levier de pas collectif n. m.
    commande de pas n. f.
    commande de pas collectif n. f.
    commande de pas général n. f.
    commande de variation collective de pas n. f.
    levier de pas général n. m.


    commande cyclique de variation de pas n. f.
    manche n. m.
    manche cyclique n. m.
    manche à balai n. m.
    manche de variation cyclique n. m.
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