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Discussion in 'English Only' started by oswal, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. oswal Member

    I need to make the payment to my supplier for 2-3 bills , he is asking me to pay for 1 bill. I want to say him , " I will make the payment for all your bills together in the next month. Can I say " I will make payment for your bills ( 2-3 bills) collectively in the next month . Is there a better way to express.
  2. gramman

    gramman Senior Member

    Hi oswal

    "Collectively" would probably be understood, given that you use language like what you have written: Pay my bills together in one month.

    A common expression in business is to say something like: consolidate these bills into one payment. By combining this with a list as you have described of all the bills included in your total, single payment, your intentions should be easily understood.

    consolidate: to combine several small things, especially companies or organizations, into one large unit
  3. oswal Member

    Should I say " I Will make a consolidated payment for your bills in the next month".
  4. gramman

    gramman Senior Member

    I'm sure that you would be understood. I might say something like:

    I will pay you all the money I owe on these bills next month.

    If you are determined to use it ;), you could it expand this to:

    I will pay you all the money I owe on these bills next month, in one consolidated payment.

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