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A title in French is Une brochette d'ambassadeurs.

Any suggestions for a good collective word for Ambassadors in English (like "a pride of lions" and so on)?
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    There is no set group name for ambassadors (like for birds, fish, mammals, etc.). Unless you are talking about them officially--the diplomatic corps--le corps diplomatique

    So I think you can use your imagination, just as it seems the French author has done with brochette--I imagine them lined up stiffly as if pieces of meat stuck on a skewer.

    When we speak of diplomats in a mocking way in AE, we often refer to their striped trousers/pants (a line of stripy-pantsed/trousered ambassadors, perhaps). Or to their spouses as cookie-pushers. These are based on prevalent stereotypes about diplomats serving little real purpose overseas but to hang around with each other and have boring parties...
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