Collective substantive for Bucket, Cooking pot, Axe


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Hello, folks.

Does anybody know of a collective noun comprising : bucket, axe, shovel, cooking pot...?

  • ayed

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    Many thanks, Hermione, I need a collective or adjective describes those staffs.
    Some people talk of utensils for objects like this, but you might need an adjective to be more specific.
    Thanks, Thomas Tompion. Exactly, that what I need! Either a collective noun or an attribute adjective.

    Uncle Jack

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    British English
    I can imagine going on a camping trip and carrying a bucket, axe, shovel and cooking pot. You could describe these as "paraphernalia" or "equipment", and maybe "utensils", as per Thomas Tompion's suggestion.

    However you are probably also taking a tent and a knife with you. I cannot think of any term that includes the first four items but excludes both the tent and knife. How specific do you need to be?
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