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Hello everybody,
Is there any verb collocation for serum in the following example?

‘When your blood sugar is too low, you’ll have to .... a serum’
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    What is the sentence supposed to mean? There's no obvious connection between low blood sugar and serum.


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    I think the sentence you're searching for is "collect a sample." And if you're the person in question, you must "provide" a sample.


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    I don’t know if someone with low blood sugar Needs a serum or not 😁. But just suppose that someone needs a serum like ‘he was hospitalized and .... a serum’


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    First of all, serum is collective (like the word water) and does not have a article, except when you are distinguishing between different types of serum.

    I suspect that the word you are looking for is infuse (verb) or infusion (noun):
    • the introduction of a saline or other solution into a vein.
    • the solution used.
    You can also think about the abbreviation IV, pronounced eye-vee, as in The nurse gave him an IV as ordered by the attending physician.
    1. Medicine intravenous.
    2. Medicine intravenous drip.
    3. Drugs intravenous injection.
    4. Medicine, Anatomy intravenously.
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    Ringers is not given for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) because it does not contain glucose. The OP's sentence comes out as, "When your blood sugar is too low, you need an IV infusion." This is not always medically accurate, but it is the English version of what he is attempting to say.
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