1. Hello everyone,
    Not sure how to translate this in the following sentence:
    Possession française depuis 1853, une colonisation libre et pénitentiaire s’y développe,

    I want to use "penal colony" for pénitentiaire and would be repeating myself to use "colony" or "pioneer colony" for colonisation libre.
    My attempt is :
    After French possession in 1853, a colony and prison colony developed (the rest of the sentence continues (to the detriment of the native population).

    Any ideas please?
  2. SteveRusso Senior Member

    Français de France
    What about: ... a colony, both free and penal, developed... ?
  3. That's great - gives me something to play with. Thanks
  4. Kitcitwapien

    Kitcitwapien Senior Member

    Québec (Abitibi)
    Français - Québec
    Sometime more to play with: a civil and penal colony
  5. Thanks - I went for "a penal and a pioneer colony"

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