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    Hi, I am translating a document into my non-native language and need some help.

    This is a take-home document for families whose babies' have heart disorders. The document provides information about certain red-flag events.
    I need to translate this sentence:

    Your child's color doesn't look right (bluer than usual)

    I guess I am concnered about using the correct word for color (as in color of skin, face, lips etc) and of course, for blue (I want to use "morado"). My version is below. What do you all think?
    Si el aspecto de su hijo o hija no se ve bien (más morado o azul que lo normal)
    Here is the context:

    Information for the Family
    Call your child’s Cardiologist if any of the following red flag events occurs:

    • Your child is breathing harder, faster of having difficulty breathing
    • Your child’s oxygen saturation drops consistently below 70-75%
    • Your child’s color doesn’t look right (bluer than usual)
    • Your child is fussier than usual, unable to be calmed
    • Changes in your child’s feeding
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    Hola. Yo diría: "El color de su hijo/a no parece estar bien (más azul de lo habitual)".
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    Good morning. This sounds better to me: "Su hijo no parece tener buen color (está más azul de lo habitual).

    I don`t think you should use "morado". "Azul" is the correct color in my opinion.


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