color me surprised

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well color me surprised

A phrase used when you are surprised and impressed with an outcome, especially when you were sure nothing good was going to come of it. Similar to saying "Well I'll be damned" or "Well I'll be a monkey's uncle".
I got the above definition from Urban Dictionary. I am not sure I understand the usage of it.

1. If it is a good outcome, can I say color me surprised?

For example, if someone gave me a pleasant gift, and is it okay for me to say, "wow, color me surprised"?

2. Does color refer to "I" was too surprise about the outcome, so I change the normal color of my face, i.e. turning pale, blush, etc.?

Thank you!
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    Many thanks. I will go the thread with the link you offered. And if I have any question, I will post there.

    PS. Before posting, I did search the forum with key words and the outcome is No titles with the word(s) "color me surprised".


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    [This question has been added to a previous thread in which the same expression is being discussed. DonnyB - moderator]

    My understanding is this idiom can be used to state either you are surprised, or in more sarcastic and ironic way depending on the context. For example:

    "John doesn't like a challenge; color me surprised."

    So when I say this, my meaning is 'I'm not surprised John doesn't like a challenge' in a sarcastic tone. If I put an exclamation mark at the end it gives it with a strong emotion. Like WOW, I'm really surprised; the meaning becomes different.

    "John doesn't like a challenge; color me surprised!!"

    I've searched online for this but only one result showed up where another user thought the same as me where you use the statement ironically.

    color me surprised!

    All other search results states that you use this phrase to state simply that you are surprised.
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