1. Nevertoto Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Hello there, Please tell me how to say "color vinotinto" in English. Thanks so much.
  2. ETcallHome Senior Member

    Spanish - Mexico
    Red wine color?
  3. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
    Vino tinto va separado: red wine colour.
  4. lagartojuancho Member

    NY, USA
    Its like maroon or burgundy (is it spell like that??)
  5. Nevertoto Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Thanks so much for your help. I appreciate it. I remember now that I asked an American friend sometime ago about that color and he told me it was burgundy. Is red wine also a name for the color or just for the wine itself?
  6. SaveTheManatees

    SaveTheManatees Member

    United States/English
    The word for the color burgundy comes from the name of a specific type of red wine, which in turn comes from the name of some place in France. So I'd use "burgundy" to describe anything red wine colored, though in poetry things could be described as "the color of red wine". Good flowery language.
  7. Hausa Senior Member

    Zürich, Switzerland
    Spanish - Spain
    I totally agree with you. Just to complete your information, I want to add that the French city (and the wine itself) is Bordeaux
  8. Nevertoto Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Awesome!!! I got it. Thanks to all of you for your information. I love this website :)

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