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How would you trasnlate "colour-blindness" into spanish within the context of racism and objectivity?
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    I disagree with Lorenzito. In this context means that race is not considered. According to Wilkipedia:

    Color blindness (race)

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    Color-blind (sometimes called Race-blind) is a term describing activities undertaken and services provided without regard to the racial characteristics of those who participate in an activity or receive a service.
    In color-blind operations, there is no use of racial data. An example of this would be a college processing admissions without regard to or knowledge of the racial characteristics of applicants.[1]
    This equal opportunity approach contrasts with positive discrimination or affirmative action that would actively attempt to favour those people considered to have been disadvantaged by historical racial prejudice, or whose racial group might otherwise be considered under-represented, for example in a university.[2]
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