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Sorry if the question has already been asked.

In the Alerts I receive, sometimes the thread title is emphasized (in blue) and sometimes only the words ''your post'' are. Is this some malfunction, or else how can this be explained?
  1. zipp404 reacted to your post in the thread mettendolo a nudo con sé stesso with
    Thank you!
    Thank you!.
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  2. zipp404 replied to the thread mettendolo a nudo con sé stesso. There may be more posts after this.
    55 minutes ago
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    If I've understood correctly what you're asking, it's because they're two different types of alerts.

    The first is notifying you of a reaction which somebody has posted, so that just shows which post of yours it was.

    The second is a notification about a further reply posted to a thread, and so that identifies the thread in question, and links to the new reply which has been added. :)
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