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All the colours of the rainbow and even more!! Colours shape our world into what it is. Why not compile a list in as many languages as possible as a tribute?

I might need help with format so it looks nice and 'colourful'.


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  • I love colours, too! :D I added Catalan and completed Spanish. In "oro" I added "dorado", as I think that both are used, just like in "silver".

    I've got some problems at distinguishing "purple" and "violet", though... :eek: I think I would say the same in both, but I added some more specific terms.
    I've added German and Russian (the latter in Latin transliteration).
    As I said before, I colored the letters to distinguish the colors. About purple and violet, violet I say it's lighter than purple, so it would be "light purple" :)
    Added Romanian and one Norwegian colour.. also added Icelandic..


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    Sorry, I just had to change the appearance and strucutre!!! I've added some Romanian words and added that coulours turquoise and mauve.

    Good job, Robbie! The sheet looks much better now. I've added turquoise in Russian, Polish and Dutch but I can't be bothered looking for a proper translation of mauve. :D Anyone eager to add vanilla, claret and terracotta?
    I didn't think you might take my suggestion seriously. :D

    Well, as you see, vanilla is practically the same in all languages. The same would happen if we took terrakotta, beige or khaki, I suppose. :rolleyes:
    Added Croatian.

    BTW, I like the Polish word for blue. Sky colour:)


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    Hi Kraus!

    Russian was allready added, but in Latin fonts. Would you mind putting your translation and the first translation together in one column please!

    :) robbie
    Can someone add these?
    I don't have Excel ;)

    - Silver:
    kālā ke'oke'o
    - Purple: poni
    - Gray: 'ahinahina
    - Violet: waioleka

    - Purple:
    Could the next who changes it correct the Italian word for grey, please? It's grigio, bigio is a very unusual word.
    - Purple:

    Done. This is what I added:

    Purple - fiolett / lilla
    Mauve - lilla
    Violet - fiolett

    There seems to be quite some vagueness about the purple/violet thing in a lot of languages; could this possibly be because of the background colours used? Though it seems the terms are used pretty interchangably in Norwegian, perhaps it's as simple as that?

    (I also split Norwegian nto Bokmål and Nynorsk, hope that's ok).


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    I added some colour words in European Portuguese and the colour cream, which is creme in Portuguese.

    The word for "colour" in french is couleurs, and in chinese is "色" pronounce : sè.
    I want to say i am not a native chinese speaker but found it was interesting to have the colours in chinese in this thread, so if a chinese speaker want to correct anything... I learned the basic colours and i knew them but needed a dictionnary to fill in the other colours.
    I also added beige/crème in french, i hope "beige" can be consider the same colour as cream...
    I also tried to change the order of apparition of the colours so that it seems as a rainbow...


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    to essam darwish : your attached file does not reflect the announced content... I suppose it is just an error of "uploading the bad file"... If you can check that :) it would be great :)
    A remark to the colours in German:

    The colour "gold" is better referred to as "goldfarben", not "golden". Golden is rather used figuratively, for example in goldene Hochzeit, goldene Zeiten, goldene Regel.

    Analogous metallic colours: silberfarben/silberfarbig (silver-coloured), kupferfarben/kupferfarbig (copper-coloured), bronzefarben/bronzefarbig (bronze-coloured), messingfarben/messingfarbig (brass-coloured)

    Also: silbergrau (silver-grey), messinggelb (yellow like brass), kupferbraun (brown with a red lustre)

    Violet, purple and mauve are often referred to as violett or lila without differentiation. More correct would be: violet = violett, purple = purpur, purpurfarben, mauve = fliederfarben (literally "lilac-coloured").
    Made some changes in the Russian and the German columns (see EvilWillow's post) and, besides, added more headings in different languages.


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    Completed the Arabic column and corrected some spelling and transliteration errors.