Columbus Day gives ways to “fall break” and drops off workers’ calendars

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Hi everyone, i got some understanding problems with phrases in the following sentences quoted from website Five myths about Christopher Columbus:
1. As Columbus Day gives ways to “fall break” and drops off many workers’ calendars altogether, it has become easy to overlook a perennial teaching moment.
-> for the sentence above, i only "decode" the meaning of "drops off many workers' calendars, perhaps it mean many workers are fired???
What about "fall break" and "perennial teaching moment"?

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Thank you in advance and i appreciate for your valuable help plus your patience.
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    Columbus Day is a public holiday in many states of the US, falling on 10 October in 2016 – October is in the "fall/autumn," so it's a "fall break," a break from work. (Link to public holidays and states where Columbus Day is observed.)

    When you put something on a calendar, it's to remember it – if it falls off your (mental) calendar, or was never put on the calendar in the first place, you don't remember it, you don't even think about it.

    A perennial teaching moment is a time that comes around every year where there is something that can be taught and learned (about Columbus).


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    "Fall break" is a new, inoffensive name for a holiday known as "Columbus Day". Christopher Columbus used to be credited with the first European contact with the new world. For this reason, his birthday was celebrated. However, younger generations have grown more critical of Columbus and his mistreatment of native Americans. So some people are proposing that we cease celebrating "Columbus Day" and begin calling it "fall break" instead.

    By saying that Columbus Day "falls off worker's calendars altogether", the author is telling you that many workers no longer celebrate Columbus Day.

    Teachers like controversial things like Columbus Day because they are interesting. Teachers who use Columbus Day as an opportunity to talk about racism might call this day a "teaching moment." The author may believe that it is a mistake to change the name to "fall break." By doing so, teachers no longer have a reason - Columbus Day - to introduce a "teaching moment" - an opportunity to teach students something about society and its values.

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