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Could somebody please confirm the meaning of 'Com.' in the following excerpt? I think it's communication but I'd just like to check:

La cour d’appel de Paris a souligné que « d’une part, que la divulgation d’une information de nature à jeter le discrédit sur un concurrent constitue un dénigrement, peu important qu’elle soit exacte (Com., 01 septembre 2006, pourvoi n° 11-14.875)

Many thanks!,
  • Nanon

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    français (France)
    It depends on how familiar your readers are with the French judiciary :). A French lawyer would understand where to look up for information immediately. But if Com. is not directly intelligible, you may wish to write in full: Court of Cassation, Commercial Division.
    From a judicial point of view, the Court of Cassation is comprised of divisions to which appeals are referred in line with case-review criteria that are laid down by the Court of Cassation Bureau [...] A Commercial Division (Chambre commerciale, économique et financière), a Labour Division (Chambre sociale) and a Criminal Division (Chambre criminelle) have been added to the three [original] civil divisions : the First, Second and Third Civil Divisions.
    Source: About the Court | Cour de cassation
    If information is still insufficient for the layman and you need to add that the Court of Cassation is the ultimate court for civil and criminal matters in France, then... go for it :rolleyes:.
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