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Hi, everyone!
I have two questions here.
1. What does 'com' mean in the name of a website, for example,
2. How to pronounce 'com' in the name of a website, /kɒm/ or /kʌm/?
Many thanks!
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    Note that while ".com" might have been initially intended to designate commercial websites, as opposed to educational (.edu), government (.gov), military (.mil), etc., in practice it has become a more generic, almost meaningless term - there isn't much in the way of commerce happening at, for example - similarly, anyone can register a .org (originally intended to designate a "non-profit") site.


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    Just to add that you will also have seen,,, etc which also stand for 'commercial' (in the UK, Japan, India, Korea etc). And there 'co' is pronounced /kəʊ/ (to rhyme with 'go').
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