Combien sont-ils ?

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  1. frankcow

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    Hi everyone,

    I just read this French sentence "Combien sont-ils?", which, I know, literally means "How many (people) are they?" But I am wondering if this is a good translation. What is the correct and natural English equivalent to "Combien sont-ils"?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. sound shift

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    "How many of them are there?"
  3. frankcow

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    China-Mandarin Chinese
    Ah, that's it! Merci bien!
  4. OLN

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    Si ce n'est pas un nombre relatif, mais absolu, n'est-ce pas mieux de dire How many are there?
  5. misterk Moderator

    Context would make a difference, no? Imagine the receptionist at a busy restaurant who finishes a phone call and tells the maître d' that a big group will be arriving in 20 minutes. The maître d' asks, Combien sont-ils? In that context, we might translate that as "How many are they?" or the even more natural "How big is the group?"
  6. Suehil

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    'How many of them are there' would sound the most natural to my BE ears.
  7. LankaFool Senior Member

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    My American ears agree.
  8. OLN

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    Merci. Justement, on ne connaît pas le contexte.
    are they proposé par frankcow était donc juste, mais je retiens qu'avec are there et pour des personnes, il faut rajouter of them. C'est un peu comme rajouter "de personnes", ce qui en français est inutile.

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