combination of sentences


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1)A signal light is to be installed in national highway.
2)The place is infront of Alleppey police station.
Can I combine the above sentences in the following way.
A signal light is to be installed infront of 'Alappey' police station in national highway
A signal light is to be installed in national highway infront of Alappey polcestation
Which one is correct
  • Barque

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    Your second choice with a couple of changes:

    A traffic signal (not "signal light") is to be installed in front of Alleppey police station, on the (not "in") national highway.

    (I put the reference to "in front of Alleppey police station" first because it is a much more specific reference than on the national highway.)

    Edit: I just found from the net that "signal light" can be used too but I don't think it is as common as traffic signal.


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    I might even say 'in front of the​ Alleppey police station...'
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