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    I'm translating a short story about an actor who's about to star in production based on his life and is therefore quite nervous about the whole thing.

    I'd like some help on the following passage:

    "La sua gamba si muoveva nervosamente sotto il tavolo come a scandire il tempo che gli rimaneva prima che Julie sarebbe arrivata per costringerlo a leggere con la forza"

    'Sua' refers to a male character. 'Julie' is the name of the director.

    My take is:

    "Under the table his leg was jiggling nervously almost like he was counting down to the moment Julie would arrive and force him to read"

    I'm not really sure if I got the expression "scandire il tempo" right, I know that it means 'to mark the time' but I would never say that someone was jiggling their leg to mark the time.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I did look up both threads indeed but found neither of them were fitting to my context.

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