Come and get it at a knockdown price

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<<This question on the lyrics to "Black Magic" by Little Mix was split off from an earlier thread that asked for help on another phrase used in the lyrics.>>

I'd like you to teach me what " come and get it at a knockdown price" indicates. This is from the lyrics of the song called "Black Magic" by the girls group little mix, and after the phrase, the lyrics go like, " Is your lover playing on your side? Said he loves you but he ain't got time. Here's the answer, come and get it at a knockdown price."

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    A knockdown price is a highly reduced price.

    My guess is it's used here to mean "We will be glad to advise you. We don't expect anything in return."


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    I think it more likely that it means, "Buy this information from us at an enticingly low price."

    I believe "knockdown" here refers to the moment when the sound of the auctioneer's hammer announces a price has been agreed. When buyers are few, auctioneers may "knock down" (strike a deal for) items for a token price just to get rid of them.
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