come and go whenever

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  1. Ed Sheeran Senior Member

    Context - At an event. You can come and go whenever...

    Sentence - Come/go whenever

    Translation attempt - Venir/aller n'importe quand..

    Thanks a lot. :)
  2. misterk Moderator

    Just to be clear: Is this something which appears in the invitation to the event? (If not, more context would be helpful: who is saying this to whom, under what circumstances?)
  3. Ed Sheeran Senior Member

    Yeah appears in an invitation. Saying to the guests of an event/party.
  4. OLN

    OLN Senior Member

    French - France, ♀
    Que signifient les points de suspension et les barres obliques, et comment comprendre la traduction de go par aller ?
    En attendant de comprendre, une suggestion : Venez et partez quand bon vous semble.

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