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    I need help. I am writing a card to my cousin, and I need help with the English word ME. I looked in dictionaries ond online also, but I can not find the word in spanish. Please help.

    Example: I hope that you will come and visit ME.

    Feliz Navidad Y Feliz año nuevo.
  2. Edwin

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    Here's one way to say it.

    espero que vengas a visitarme
    (I hope) (that) (you will come) (to) (visit me)

    The use of pronouns in Spanish is a tricky subject. Just as it is in English.
    See this link for more information:
  3. Cosmopolita Senior Member

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    As Edwin said, his suggestion is for "I hope you will come to visit me".
    If you want to say "I hope that you will come and visit me", that would be: Espero que vengas y me visites.
    Felicidades para todos!

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