come make your peace


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Movie "Maze Runner".
After some fighting over and there for two and a half hours,
at last there comes the final. The guys that fought have found some spot to begin a new life
and someone from them is holding a speech, and he says,
"Here's to the friends we lost.
This place is for you, it's for all of us.
But this, this is for them.
So, in your own time, in your own way,
come make your peace."

The second "this" is some kind of a memorial.
So, what does this one mean with "come make your peace" here?
Does he mean maybe, "Come here to this memorial to let go of the past"?
Any idea?

Thank you
  • PaulQ

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    "To make one's peace [with someone or something.] = to resolve, or put an end to, all one's difficulties and/or disagreements [with someone or something.]


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    Yes your suggestion is close to its meaning I think. Make your peace can mean “reconcile yourself with (let go of) past troubling events” which I think fits here.
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