Come off the road a little bit

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emre aydın

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A musician is talking to his girlriend who seems kind of unhappy:

"I know I've been gone a whole lot. I'm gonna talk to my promoter, see if I can get that Great Lakes circuit pushed back so I can come off the road a little bit, spend some time with you."


Basically, the result is obvious but what I've wondered is:

Is the bold part non-idiomatic, I mean is it just implying "not being on the road" or

Is it idiomatic and implying "partially completing the concert tour"?

Thanks for your help.
  • sound shift

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    "Get that Great Lakes circuit pushed back" suggests that he wants to get that tour postponed, so that he can spend more time with his girlfriend. As I see it, the "Great Lakes circuit" has not yet started.
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