come on baby, light my fire!

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  1. maru76 New Member

    Tamil, Telugu & Hindi, India
    looking to translate that phrase into french... it is from an old song!
    Thanks :)
  2. hibouette Senior Member

    France and French
    I'd say :
    "Fais démarrer mon moteur" (turn on my engine)
  3. maru76 New Member

    Tamil, Telugu & Hindi, India
    merci beaucoup!
  4. exegete Member

    Paris, France
    I think you are making reference to The Doors... aren't you? Lyrics of a song are in my opinion particularly difficult to translate because the sound of words is often more important than theur meaning... For example, in that song, I guess the sentence "light my fire" can have different meanings and interpretations... so I would propose "allez bébé, met-moi le feu" but there might be a better translation...
  5. ImperialKing613

    ImperialKing613 New Member

    China, Mandarin
    In direct translation it would be "avancez bébé, allumez mon feu"
  6. le chat noir

    le chat noir Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Alluméééééé le feuuuuu !!!! Bon ok, je sors :D.
  7. Odyssée

    Odyssée Senior Member

    Bordeaux - FRANCE
    French - France
    C'est dimanche, chat noir !

    There is also: "allume-moi" but I think "Met-moi le feu" is better
  8. DocRussell

    DocRussell Senior Member

    Pour le dire comme l'auteur le sentait, ce serait plutôt:

    "Vas-y bébé, allume-moi!"

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