come out of <the closet>


At a conference, a woman needs to visit an event but a receptionist doesn't let her in without credentials. She:
-- Okay, buddy. There's got to be a, uh, broom closet around here somewhere, huh? I'm sure we could work something out. [from how he behaves we see she means sex]
-- I didn't take 34 years to come out of the closet just to go back into one with you.
Dumb and Dumber To, movie

The humour is also that she doesn't look an attractive woman, not one you would want to go to a closet with. So what do you think "the closet" means in his remark? Thank you.
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    Remember to check the dictionary first. :) From the Word Reference dictionary on "closet":
    1. come out of the closet, to reveal a fact about oneself previously kept hidden or unmentioned, as one's homosexuality.


    Thank you, everybody. One question.
    1. for 34 years he had been aware of himself being gay, but never made up his mind to come up. Like, he realized he was gay when he was six, and came out when he was 40.
    2. Just, no matter when he realized he was gay, he came out at the age of 34.
    What point is right? I think it's 2, and 1 makes little sense, if at all.
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